This year's English Theatre Workshop will take a slightly different direction from years past. Rather than just exploring the “acting” side of things, we will expand our weekly meetings and also cross over to the other side of the footlights to look at how theatre can play an active role in society. There will of course be “theatre making” (acting exercises (various methods from Stanislavsky to Michael Chekhov..), improvisations, creating and games) but we'll also go a step further ,to how to be an active audience and useful critic, how to “see” and how to discuss what we see. Eventually this should lead to an exploration of how theatre can discuss important issues, push for social change, and improve communication between people. The aim is a presentation of a socially relevant piece of theatre in June 2017.

Classes will be taught in English by Davydd Cook, for 2-3 hours per week, probably on Saturdays; the class may also include outings to English-language theatre events in Athens, if the opportunity arises. The class is suitable for anyone with a medium to good level of English. Dedicated non-professionals (beginners or otherwise) and young actors wishing to exercise their English are welcome.

The only prerequisite is a commitment: this is not a drop-in class. Classes start at the beginning of November. for more information call 2107523004 or 6944636066, or 6940748220 (as of the beginning of October) or e mail us on 

Expectations of Participants

This course relies heavily on interaction between acting partners, and on the work needed to memorize and develop text for performance. Therefore, this class will be held to a higher level of discipline for the sake of all participants, who should be prepared to:

  • Attend all, or almost all, classes (necessary absences can be worked around if announced well in advance)
  • Be on time for class, or inform the instructor in advance of absences or expected lateness
  • Be willing to play and take some risks in front of others (i.e., do just a little bit more than they think they're capable of)
  • Contribute to a positive and safe environment for others
  • Do some out-of-class preparation work, including memorizing of text and preparation of small presentations 
  • Never apologize for anything that happens (or doesn't happen) in class, unless someone is bleeding
  • Have good, conversational ability in the English language

Some Praise to Help Convince You

"I cannot speak too highly about the classes and in particular Davydd's technique which is so effective bringing out the creative [side] of people's character."

"To train as an actor is to learn to be human, in the best possible sense. Alexandra and Davydd weave together the most salient strands in the constellation of stage techniques and philosophies… into workshops both rigorous and accessible. Plus fun."

Inquiries / More Information

Contact Davydd Cook (instructor bio) at 2107523004 or 6940748220, or leave a message at